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Simplicity before Superfoods

Simplicity before Superfoods

There is so much excitement around the newest Super Foods whether that be collagen powders, medicinal mushrooms or matcha tea lattes! While all have wonderful health benefits and are great to include in our health routine, these fun food trends can shift our focus primarily to the supplemental options thus leaving foundational nutrition basics by the wayside. It's important to first lay down the building blocks of nutrition to ensure there's a solid base to build upon. Let's break down the bare basics of how simple eating, drinking and fasting can be.



First is to eat pure. In our modern-day life, this seems to be much more of a feat and while it's worth the time and investment in our health it can be challenging. Our primary focus should be eating nutrient dense, real whole foods in its most natural state. Foods that are organic, free of harmful chemicals, not genetically modified and sourced locally to preserve its nutrient content are best options. Our protein options should be free of antibiotics, hormones and pesticides to ensure we are consuming it in its most natural form.


Much of the standard American diet is processed foods with additives, preservatives and highly refined products that have hidden toxins. When thinking of eating pure, opt for foods that are found organically on earth rather than what may have been created by large food or farming factories. We are naturally healthy and vital until we stray far from our ancestral blueprint which is more in alignment of how our bodies function most effectively.



Clean water is crucial for our health and we can’t live without it but it is something that we often forget to give importance to in our health routine. As with food, water is very difficult to find in its purest form. Water can contain chlorine, fluoride, pesticides, fungicides and even prescription medicine in it which is why filtered water, or even better fresh spring water, is preferred.


Also, there are many beverages that can distract us from consuming water. There's sparkling water, juices, smoothies, elixirs, coffees and teas that can trick us into thinking we are achieving enough hydration. Water is what our bodies are primarily made of and every cell tissue and organ needs it to survive. Most people are chronically dehydrated because we don't consume enough water daily and consume drinks that can dehydrate us.



Fasting is a practice that has been around for centuries and been used for spiritual and healing purposes. Historically many religions practice fasting as spiritual observances for meditative purposes and to refocus the mind on spirituality and gratitude. As far as healing, fasting puts people in a state of autophagy which is the way that the body naturally rids itself of unwanted cells and rebuilds new ones. It is one of the fastest way to heal and there is more research emerging of its many health benefits.


Much of our efforts around eating practices is to achieve a balanced diet or eat for a purpose of weight loss, weight gain or weight maintenance but it's easy to forget the power of fasting. There are numerous studies that show fasting has numerous health benefits. The simple act of not eating gives our digestive systems a break, detoxes our body and provides mental clarity.


While our ancestors had these eating practices and lived this way, we have come so far into the modern world of impure sustenance and over consumption of foods that it's negatively impacting our health and wellbeing. These 3 core basics are the base foundations that we need to prioritize before adding additional healthy practices on our continuum of health.

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