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NUTRITION 3/60 is an online education and nutrition program that is grounded in the science of human nutrition, anatomy and biology. It is a holistic and sustainable approach that is focused on the quality and enjoyment of food to naturally improve your health and well-being.

What you will learn

  • A simple 3-part nutrition formula that can be applied at any and every meal that will impact the way you think, look and feel.
  • The best ways to burn fat, properly nourish your body and naturally detox your body.
  • How to have FUN with food and enjoy eating wholesome nutritious meals without EVER feeling guilty or deprived
  • Time saving tools and tips to make healthy cooking easier
  • How to consciously indulge guilt free in social settings or events and quickly bounce back!
  • A kitchen refresh including what to get rid of and how to stock your pantry and fridge
  • The way certain foods get metabolized biologically along with ways to bio hack your body to burn fat and naturally detox.
  • How to create fundamental lifelong habits that will keep you consistent and on track during your health journey.

What you will get


  • A base nutrition education from a Holistic Doctor and Health Consultant and support from a Health and Accountability Coach.
  • 8 educational video courses covering a variety of topics including holistic health, nutrition basics, exercise and mindset.
  • 8 recipe videos showcasing quick and easy to make recipes.
  • A NUTRITION 3/60 cookbook with over 20 original recipes and weekly meal plan examples.
  • A smoothie recipe book
  • A variety of 5-minute exercises that can be done anywhere at any time with no gym or equipment needed.
  • A Food Journal to help document what foods you ate and how they made you feel.
  • A Weekly Meal Planner to help you map out the week, ensure the NUTRITION 3/60 food formula is incorporated at every meal and account for any planned conscious indulgences.
  • Guide on Bulk Cooking and ways to mix and match food staples for variety throughout the week.
  • Printable materials including Grocery List, health goal worksheet, and educational handouts throughout the course modules.
  • Healthier substitutes and cleaner products we recommend.
  • Personal access to a private membership and exclusive access to our private Facebook group.
Nutrition is a vital part of well-being yet many of us have questions of what is actually healthy and what we should be eating. That’s why we designed this course to be easy to understand, simple to include in your lifestyle and affordable.
So why the great price? Although the value of this course is extremely high, we strongly believe that health information should be accessible to everyone. This is an investment in your health and the education you will gain will give you many returns on your investment!
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