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How We Want To Leave Our Mark

We want to further our social mission of educating and inspiring the community in holistic health and wellness. We are passionate about providing access to education and tools to not only EDUCATE but to also EMPOWER people to TRANSFORM their health.

The Way We Choose to Serve

We like to find unique ways of giving back and therefore partner with smaller charitable organizations that are making a great impact in our world.  Along with us donating our time and resources to organizations, local schools, communities, programs, and our online community, we are committed to set aside a percentage of our sales for every EAT Pur product that we create. What your purchase supports is the ability for us to continue to devote time, energy and resources to serve the community.  

We want clients to feel great purchasing our products both from a personal health standpoint as well as feeling proud about contributing to something larger.  This is why we have committed to donate a portion of proceeds from every purchase.

We aspire to inspire

Our work in the holistic health space feeds our heart and soul which speaks to the reason we are passionate about the work we do at EAT Pur. No matter what your calling is, we believe any action regardless of how big or small is done with a ‘Pur’ heart can change the world.  


Everyone has something unique and special to offer and our hope is that this is a spark that lights your fire to continue to give back, contribute your value to the world too!

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