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Transform Psychology

How To Find True Self Love

Have you ever noticed how much levity there is when you spend time with children? There are no insecurities or judgements, just pure fun, happiness and enjoyment of life. They find joy in playing, exploring, learning and spending time interacting with people. It is remarkable to observe a carefree child in comparison to a stressed-out adult.  With adults, a lot of time is spent in a self-critical space. There's hyper focus on work, money, body image, and other concerns that impact our happiness and how we view our own self worth.  We think that when we get that body, or...

Simplicity before Superfoods

There is so much excitement around the newest Super Foods whether that be collagen powders, medicinal mushrooms or matcha tea lattes! While all have wonderful health benefits and are great to include in our health routine, these fun food trends can shift our focus primarily to the supplemental options thus leaving foundational nutrition basics by the wayside. It's important to first lay down the building blocks of nutrition to ensure there's a solid base to build upon. Let's break down the bare basics of how simple eating, drinking and fasting can be.   Eat: First is to eat pure. In...

3 Concepts That Will Revolutionize Your New Year's Resolutions!

There is much to celebrate as we have concluded 2017 and move into 2018.  Many of us have begun setting our new year's resolutions to start the year with good intentions and enthusiasm.  As you prepare for a strong fresh start, keep these 3 concepts in mind to help you be the most successful you can be in sticking to your new year's resolutions!   The concept of adding versus restricting -  If you try to take away the things you enjoy it will make for a very unpleasant experience that will result in you wanting to revert back to your old ways.  For...

Holiday Health Tips: Eat, Drink and Be Merry

The holidays are around the corner and many of us are busy shopping, attending holiday parties and planning for the upcoming festivities!  We gather with family and friends in tradition and togetherness. Food during the holidays is something representing comfort and relates to our emotions. It's a joyous time with a lot to be thankful for and it shouldn't turn into a time of feeling pressured to be overly restrictive or guilty about your choices. The key is to prepare and go in with a plan when you know you will be faced with the many delicious temptations that the...

Breathing with Intention

Breathing sounds pretty common sense, right? It happens regardless of whether we choose to or not and often times it is forgotten that our body has this inborn ability that starts from the day we are born. Breathing is something we naturally know how to do the second we arrive in this world and it’s the very thing that keeps us alive everyday.   It is quite easy to forget the important role that breathing has as it relates to our well being...that is until you become short of it or no longer have it. Sometimes when you are in...

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