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An Effective Customized Fat Burning Program!

Fully Customized – Everybody has different body types and individual reasons why it may be difficult to lose abnormal fat. Every factor that regulates metabolism, appetite, fat storage and fat burning is carefully tested and monitored for success.

Cutting Edge - Each client gets scanned with our proprietary galvanic skin response software along with a full body composition analysis report that is used to track progress throughout the program. 

Unique - using the science of nutrition and biology, this program is unlike any other! Our nutrition protocol marries ancient principles of fasting and autophagy with cutting edge technology to bring something totally unique into the Nutritional health space!!

All Natural
– NO drugs, NO hormones, NO synthetic supplements, NO surgery! This program uses real food (delicious recipes!) and whole food supplements.

Doctor Supervised – You will have supervision from a holistic doctor and coaching from our trained health coach to ensure safety and success.

Effective – We have numerous client success stories where they have tried every program, diet, exercise, etc with no lasting results until they our program. Clients have not only lost fat, but have balanced hormones, reversed diabetes, come off medication and improved their bloodwork overall. N3/60 FAST works with your Neuro-Endocrine System and addresses the ROOT CAUSE of FAT GAIN and OBESITY.


*Please call our office at (516) 456-8512 for pricing.

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