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Have Fun With Your Food
Our mission is to educate and inspire you to make lifestyle changes through our 60 day program while we guide you to properly nourish your body, curb hunger, reduce inflammation and naturally detoxify your body.

Our Philosophy 

Our philosophy is for you to have fun with your food and not fear it! Given that both of us LOVE food, we never want to make our clients feel guilty or restricted with their food choices.
During Nutrition 3/60, you will only hear these 4 "no's":
  1. No calorie counting
  2. No weighing your food
  3. No measuring portion sizes
  4. No feeling guilty when you mindfully indulge

We know that this may be contradictory to what you are used to hearing, but we understand the science behind nutrition and have proven nutritional strategies that have led many clients to success.  We believe it's important to see food differently.  Food is nourishing, healing and should be satisfying.  We want you to honor your hunger and understand how different foods are used in your body so you can get rid of preconceived food anxiety, crash diets and stringent "do not eat" lists and move toward having fun with your food, feeling empowered in your choices and creating a sustainable lifestyle with lasting changes.

Now, there may be a time when you want to mindfully indulge in some foods and or drinks that you know aren't the best for your health. Here's one more contradictory difference in our approach...we say do it!

While we are providing you with a satisfying meal plan and delicious meal prep ideas, there will be a time and place where you will want that piece of pizza, glass of wine or cookie. We want to teach you how to mindfully indulge, educate you on what happens biologically when you do so and show you how to get right back on track with your health routine.  Our goal is to educate and give you the power to make the decision and steer yourself back right after.



Understanding Blood Sugar and Why it matters:

Sugar releases dopamine into your brain (pleasure hormone).

After you eat that donut it breaks down into blood sugar

--> it floats in your blood stream and needs to be picked up by a hormone called insulin that gets released from your pancreas.

--> Insulin picks it up out of your blood sugar and puts it into your liver and muscles and if there is no space left it stores as fat.

Because of the release of dopamine in the brain, it is very reward stimulating meaning if you have sugar, that reward hormone is strong and becomes addictive.  Then you will have sugar and carb cravings a few hours later that alert your hunger hormones, shut off fat burning and it will make it hard to make good food choices for the next meals.  It also causes your blood sugar to spike and come crashing down which will impact your energy for the rest of the day. 

The key is knowing how to turn off those hunger hormones to balance your blood sugar biologically after you have spiked it.

1. Eat - Eating the Nutrition 3/60 way of Clean Protein, Healthy Fat and Fresh Fiber will balance your blood sugar.

2. Exercise - Sugar can get stored as glycogen (fuel) in the liver, muscle and ultimately fat.  When you exercise you are tapping into that storage to deplete.

3. Fast - Fasting is the easiest and quickest way to return to homeostasis. 

Insulin manages blood sugar and is the hormone that shuts down fat burning and tells your body to store it for fuel. When having sugar or carbohydrates insulin is released and lasts in your bloodstream for 6-8 hours.  This prevents lipolysis (breakdown of fat) so the next eating choices will either bring down the insulin level (fat burning) or keep it elevated (weight gain). If you are a carb-ivore, it doesn't allow your body to break down fat.

We teach you how to eat to naturally extend your fat burning window.  You can start with one meal a day that you are least emotionally attached to.  For example, breakfast can be eggs, avocado and an arugula salad.  This alone will get you on the right path of elongating your fat burning window, balancing your blood sugar and changing your biology.

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